Raw Material Business
Currently, the market of ginseng and red ginseng is focused on maximizing Compound K content, which is the final metabolite saponin after several stages of development.
In august 2010, Ministry of food and drug safety announced that the variety of individual efficacy for ginseng related to the saponin absorption caused by difference of enzymatic activity of microorganism which lives in human intestine. The latest form of PPD group, which is a large amount of ginseng saponin, is Compound K.
The research of High-content Compound K is very important for absorption rate in human body and in functions of ginseng.
Based on the B2B business model, we are currently supplying fermented red ginseng raw materials containing Compound K, which can increase the absorption rate in the body, to various domestic small and medium enterprises. And our products are exported to USA, Japan and China. In addition, we has abundant technology for reducing phthalate and pesticides, which have always been a problem in red ginseng raw materials, so we can provide Korean premium ginseng raw materials that everyone can enjoy with safety.
Key Partners
We are implementing ODM to provide total service from product planning, development, production, quality control to shipment based on own unique technology and know-how, as well as OEM manufacturing and delivering raw material products.
Nutrapanax has established a new research institute for the development of natural materials in order to provide more efficient information and technical support to the food and cosmetic raw materials field, which has become a higher value-added industry.
Our research institute is doing our best to help for the development of the domestic raw material industry through the research of bio-transformation technology in the technology-intensive bio industry required by 21st century.
Development of new functional materials for health & perform national tasks
1. Carried out the Health and Medical promotion project By Ministry of Health and Welfare
– Clinical application of pancreas heteroplastic transplantation in pigs
2. Carried out customized business of Small and Medium Business Administration
“Functional substances of high-content of Rg3 in ginsenoside by using bioconversion technology”
– Registration of Patent
“Manufacturing method for fermented red ginseng with high-content Rg3 in ginsenoside by using bioconversion technology”
Patent no. 10-1616104, issued in April 21st, 2016
3. Performed the business of the Agency for Technology, Planning and Evaluation of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries
“Development for materials(Safe from Pesticide) of health food which containing Special saponin Compound K”
– Registration of Patent
“Manufacturing method for high-content Rg3 in special ginsenoside by using bioconversion technology”
Patent no. 10-1879510 issued in July 11st ,2018