Absorption Rate in the Body
The nutrients contained in foods are usually polysaccharides. They are decomposed by digestive enzymes and converted to glucose, glycerin, amino acids, etc. After this process, they can be absorbed in the body.
Nutrapanax has been scientifically studied nutraceuticals for a long time, which has been known to be good for the body but is not absorbed into the human body naturally, to improve the absorption rate.
Nutrapanax will promise you to be a global Food-Tech Company based on 7-years of research .
Reduction of harmful Substances
On October 8th, 2018, KBS reported on the coverage of [detection of large quantities of substances estimated to be endocrine-disrupt chemicals (environmental hormone) in red ginseng products]. Therefore, the Korea Food&Drug Administration conducted a pollution survey and contamination concern products inspection of 300 red ginseng manufacturers in Korea, and announced the status of phthalate detection as an environmental hormone.
In response to this announcement, many group lawsuits by consumers centering on the consumer organizations are emerging as a potential threats to companies manufacturing and distributing red ginseng products.
It is really hard to cultivate ginseng for 6 years without pesticides practically. It is because there still is a lack of data that can fundamentally trust and difficulty of removal the risk factors of pesticides even though there are low-pesticide and pesticide-free products currently.
As above, ginseng and red ginseng have been constantly exposed to phthalate and pesticide residues, and there has never been a company guaranteeing that consumers can eat ginseng and red ginseng with material certification.
Nutrapanax satisfies the criteria of non-detection of 245 items as a result of SGS Korea’s analysis about residual pesticides. At the same time, we convert saponin of ginseng/red ginseng into Compound K and increase it’s content up to 30% for providing raw materials to manufacturing company and cosmetic companies.
In February of this year, we developed the reduction technology that meets the criteria for the non-detection of 6 kinds of phthalate through SGS Korea’s analysis.
Using Nutrapanax’s developed technology to make your reliable ginseng-red ginseng products will help you to become a leading company that can gain the trust of consumers.
Compound K